Non Metallic Rudder, Stern Tube & Pump Bushings

Vesconite the premium engineering material for greaseless bushes and hardwearing parts is a self lubricating polyester based plastic designed for abrasive wear applications, delivering exceptional service life in demanding applications. It replaces and outperforms a variety of bearing materials. In many traditional applications it's unsurpassed in most immersed and corrosive situations.

Developed to solve wear problems in UN lubricated and dirty applications, Vesconite Hilube is an exceptional bearing material in dry running situations and when relatively high loads and sliding speeds apply. Vesconite Hilube has outperformed all exceptions giving ultra long life with low maintenance.

Since 1977 Vesconite has being proved and approved as a bearing material for marine applications. The hundreds of vessels equipped with Vesconite, ranging from Pleasure Boats to Tankers, testify to the desirability of long life and low maintenance in marine application. It's the material of choice used by most major pump manufacturers and better shipyards across all over the world. Vesconite has been approved by numerous International Ship Classification Societies.

If you've discovered the reliability and performance of Vesconite, make sure you never accept something similar as a substitute. Although other materials may claim to be similar and may even have the same appearance, their properties are likely to be widely different. There is no equivalent to Vesconite. You know you are getting genuine Vesconite if you insist on a certificate of conformance together with the properties chart when ordering.

Vesconite is supplied in a wide range of sizes in Solid Rods, Bushing stocks, Plates and also ranges of imperial and metric readymade Bushes. Request our precision machine production list or talk to us about custom moulds and machining components from your engineering drawings.

In a variety of applications, Vesconite has proved itself in time and time again in improving performance. It is successful in numerous industries, Mining, Saw Milling, Steel Mills, Earth Moving and variety of Agricultural applications, Heavy Transport, Material Handling Equipment and of course, Marine Industry. There are many more demanding applications where Vesconite can work for you

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